Episode 7

Published on:

14th Aug 2020

The Art of Starting Over with Lean Startup Methodology expert Trevor Owens

Trevor Owens is an expert in Lean Startup Methodology, which I believe is the best way for any startup or company to find product-market fit for any new idea. Trevor is the author of the bestselling book on applying Lean Startup methods in large organizations, The Lean Enterprise: How Corporations Can Innovate Like Startups. Trevor’s work has been featured in national media outlets including Forbes, Bloomberg, Fast Company, Business Insider, Mashable, and others. He's been a featured guest speaker at Princeton University, Columbia University, the United States White House, and worked with companies around the world including General Electric, Amazon, Microsoft, Huawei, United State Postal Service, and many others. 

Trevor was previously the founder and CEO of Lean Startup Machine and Javelin and is currently working on a new product which he talks about in the episode.

We explore lean but also major life and leadership topics including burnout, grief, loss, layoffs, running out of money, the pressure to lead well, and the art of starting over. 

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